Extracts: all publications

Extracts are grouped by subject matter and listed in chronological order below according to when the first extract within each group was published. Thus the first extract under 'Self-organizing systems' is from a 1968 essay, while the extract under 'Cyberspace' is from a book published in 2004 (some essays, such as the one on cyberspace, were presented at conferences many years before publication).

Extracts under subject headings are likewise listed in chronological order. Titles, dates and page numbers refer to the first publication of the work, except in the case of the extract from 'Return to craft manufacture', 1988 (under 'Customized Automation') which is an edited version of a published 1986 conference paper, 'Ditching the dinosaur sanctuary: seventeen years on'. Where the essay has been republished the relevant source is also indicated in brackets.